Specializing in reading interventions for kids K-12 who have learning differences and disabilities, including dyslexia, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders.

Katie Scott

PCI- Certified SpellRead Master Trainer and Instructor; Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) Associate


What I Do
Address the Root Causes of Reading Difficulties

Academic skills are the tip of the developmental iceberg.
As such, reading difficulties are better thought of as a symptom of underlying issues, rather than an isolated problem that a few hours of tutoring can fix.

Successfully addressing reading difficulties requires intensive, sustained therapeutic intervention. It is a major investment of time and resources but, the good news is, it does work -- if you do the right intervention.

Your child will make dramatic improvement with the therapeutic interventions I use. I have extensive experience successfully teaching students with reading difficulties so I know how to pinpoint the underlying issues and apply the most effective, research-proven methods to dramatically improve them.

Word Decoding, Reading Comprehension, Integrated Listening Systems (iLs)
  1. Word Decoding
    SpellRead is the most effective learn-to-decode curriculum. 100% of students who complete SpellRead with me catch up to grade level in decoding. All other reading measures also improve dramatically.
  2. Comprehension
    I created Focused Reading for students who decode well yet still have trouble with reading comprehension. The curriculum takes advantage of the most recent research on strategies that are effective with this population.
  3. Integrated Listening Systems (iLs)
    Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) is based on neuroplasticity, the fact that we can re-wire our brains via specific and repeated stimulation. I use iLs to make SpellRead and Focused Reading more efficient and effective.