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We offer a one-on-one reading intervention called SpellRead™, which is designed to help children master phonemic awareness and phonics. This, in turn, significantly boosts their level of word decoding, vocabulary, fluency (rate + accuracy) and comprehension.

Focused Reading™

The Focused Reading™ curriculum improves comprehension in children who decode well but don't understand or retain what they read. Developed by Katie Scott, it is based on the latest research and her experience teaching children with learning differences.

Autism Services

We consult with autism specialists and families to assist them with incorporating reading content into their clinic or home programs.

Children with autism are at greater risk than typically developing children for relying on their memory to read rather than learning how to decode. When this happens, they run into trouble when their memory cannot keep up with the volume of material (usually around 2nd grade). To avoid this, no clinic or home program should be without a phonemic awareness and phonics component.

Another thing to watch out for is children who decode well but who do not seem to understand what they read. This is sometimes classified as hyperlexia. Incorporating comprehension strategies when children are young can avoid years of comprehension difficulties.


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